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CHAPTER 1 What are Object Graphics?

CHAPTER 2 Objects

CHAPTER 3 The Object Graphics World

The IDLgrView object

CHAPTER 4 The object graphics hierarchy

The IDLgrModel object

CHAPTER 5 2D or not 2D

2 Dimensional Visualizations

Window Objects

Line Objects

Text Objects

The recompute_dimensions keyword

Font Objects

Axis Objects

Tick label control

Time axes - method 1

Time Axes- method 2

Reverse Axes

Plot Objects

Contour Objects

CHAPTER 6 3D Visualizations

Surface Objects

Light Objects

Volume objects

Composite_function = 0

Composite_function = 1


Composite_function = 3

Zero_opacity_skip keyword

CHAPTER 7 Images and
Object Graphics

Image Objects

Image Blending

The Blending Function

Texture Mapping

CHAPTER 8 Interacting with Object Graphics

Example 1. Regions Of Interest with Object Graphics

Image Loading

Draw Events

Expose events

Down Button Events

Middle Mouse Button

Left Mouse Button

Left Mouse Motion Events

Left Mouse Up Events

Right Mouse Down

Right Mouse Motion

Right Mouse Up Events

Resetting the Zoom

ROI information

Printing the Image and ROIs

Example 2. Selecting and Moving with Object Graphics

Base Resizing

Dragging Objects

Motion events

Release Event

Using the Transparent View

Example 3. Object Rotation and Widgets as Objects.

Base Resizing

Rotation and Translation Events.

Cleaning Everything Up


Using Python From IDL is HERE! 2012 Christmas Card is HERE!  Object Oriented Programming with IDL is HERE!