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Application Development with IDL

 Combining Analytical Methods with Widget Programming

Forward by David Fanning

Table of Contents


This book is written for scientists, engineers and programmers who want to combine their analytical techniques with widget interfaces. In the past we were restricted to writing procedural programs that read namelists, files, or had data entered in from a prompt. This book shows how to integrate widget interfaces with analysis code resulting in an application that will increase your productivity and quality of your results. By using a widget interface input values can be changed and results displayed in real time without having to endlessly execute the same procedures over and over again.

These techniques are illustrated with examples using active contours (snakes), simulated annealing, watershed segmentation, region of interest creation and object/widget hybrids. In each case the theory behind the application is explained, interface layout discussed and the code is created step by step.

In addition, numerous tricks to speed up your IDL code are shown and used in the examples.

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