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Calling C and C++ from IDL
Using DLM's to extend your IDL code

Table of Contents


This 125 page book is written for anyone that wants to be able to call C or C++ programs from IDL. Using very simple examples written in C and C++ the reader will be able to create and pass scalars, arrays, strings and structures back and forth from IDL to C. The code is written for IDL version 5.3 and later but can be made to run on earlier versions with only minor modifications.

In addition new chapters cover the new keyword API available in IDL 5.6 and later, creating a dll project in Visual C++ and debugging a DLM using Visual C++ or Emacs and gdb on Unix.

Over 1000 lines of source code are provided on the accompanying disk with a makefile for all UNIX platforms, com file for VMS, Visual C++ 6.0 project for windows, and a Code Warrior 5 project for the Macintosh.

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