Kling Research and Software, inc


krslidingbase - I don't know about you but my screen is never big enough.  This handy sliding base hangs around the edges of the screen until you click the edge. It then expands out with whatever you have placed on it.

krprogressbar - I like progress bars. They let you know that the program is still working and give useful feedback to your users. I also like my progress bars to be cool looking. This progress bar is completely customizable. You can even put your own picture as part of the background. 

krspinbutton - This is a simple spin button that may be of some use.

krghostslider - I like sliders that can appear and dissapear on the screen. That is why I call these ghost sliders.

krledwidget - This widget mimics a LED light on your GUI.

krsplitpane - I really liked how you can create a split pane in JAVA and resize parts of the GUI. So, of course, I made one in IDL.

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