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buildsequentialindices - buildSequentialIndices is a routine that builds all the possible combinations indices of the input arrayIndices. This can very quickly become very large since this is a combinatorial problem. (testbuildsequentialindices.pro )

computenormalbeweenxypoints - calculates the normal between sequential xy pairs.

datatype - function returns the data type of value as a string.

decimaltobinary - Convert integer decimal number to binary representation.

directedangle - directed angular distance between vectors.

dotp - dot product between two vectors.

findnumbersinstring - finds any numbers in a string.

garbage - gets rid of all widgets, closes all files, deletes all pointers and objects. USE WITH CARE!

genread - generic ascii file reader
                 genread, filename, numberOfColumnsTotal, columnNumberOfVariableA, columnNumberOfVariableB, A,B
                 set the double keyword to read everything in double.
                 set info keyword to print out number of lines.
                 pass in numLines keyword to the number of lines in a file to skip the part where this counts lines (saves time)
                 count keyword is the number of lines read.

genwrite - generic ascii file writer
                   filename is a string and the parameters
                   can be any IDL datatype as long as they are vectors, and the
                   same length.  The file is in the format
                   p1[0]  p2[0]  p3[0]  p4[0]  p5[0]
                   p1[1]  p2[1]  p3[1]  p4[1]  p5[1]
                   and so on

haversine - haversine function

krbytscl - Byte scales an array from its min value to max value

krreversebytscl - Sort of a way to reverse a bytscl try, print, krreversebytscl(krbytscl(indgen(10)),0.0,9.0)

minmax - returns the min and max value as a two element array

plotsym - function to make plotting symbols much easier.

polar_plot -  makes a true polar plot

quadcheck - returns the quadrant of the input angle (in radians)

sigmoid - Returns a sigmoid according to the imput parameters

sign - mimics the sign function in C

rgbtotrue - function converts and rgb triple to the long true color value.

stringtostructure - Takes an input string set up as keywords and returns an anonymous structure. This is particularly useful for taking keywords entered by a user in a text field and passing then to other routines.

truetorgb - function converts a long true value to an rgb triple.

whide - hides a window. i.e. the inverse of wshow

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