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The software on the pages below is intended for free use.

When I play my music on my computer I don't want visualizers, playlists, advertisements or whatever.  I just wanted three buttons, rewind, pause/play, forward and a text screen telling me which song is currently playing. Of course I couldn't find one so I built one in IDL.

IDLtunes is an absolute bare bones music file player.  It can be run either horizontally or vertically with large or small buttons.  You can also set the random keyword to make the songs play back in a random order. This zip file contains everything you need to run this and installation instructions.  I am interfacing to a player called audiere, it can play wave, ogg, flac, mp3, mod, aiff and speex files.  If you have playback problems you may need the latest audiere.dll from http://audiere.sourceforge.net/download.php

This little procedure adds a polar plot to the Itools repetoir.  Just put  IpolarPlot somewhere in your IDL path.

noaxes_style.sav has to be placed in the resource\itools\styles directory of your IDL distribution.

This procedure uses the socket routine to pull in from the net three sources of
"Breaking News" headlines, parses the returned HTML, extracts the headline banners and timestamp, and displays those in a GUI.

As it stands the URL or proxy via which each user accesses the Net needs to be amended in the code by each user.


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