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This is where we have some really cool and cutting edge techniques.

Points inside a polygon

Have you ever had to test whether a bunch of points were inside a polygon? Classical methods repeat the same algorithm over and over for each point.  This new algorithm below makes it easy to test for multiple points!  As far as we know, this is truly a new algorithm for this test.  If you know otherwise, please contact us.

pointinsideapolygon.pro - function itself

testPolygons.pro - example testing file

Details on the algorithm are here.

Points inside a polyhedron!

OK, if you thought the points inside a polygon were cool, this extends the exact same method to three dimensions! In fact, if you really wanted to this would extend easily to even higher dimensions!  Plus, just like the polygon method above, this is optimized for multiple points.



N-dimensional Ellipse Fitting with Weighting

Have you ever needed to fit an ellipse or ellipsoid to a data set?  A simple example would be to find an ellipsoid that best encloses a cell in a 3D image stack.  This procedure takes 2D or 3D data and fits an ellipse/ellipsoid with optional weighting.  The details of this algoritm can be found here. This technique can also be easily extended to higher dimensions.





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